Thursday, 10 March 2011

The body work

First to go is the hidious lump on the rear that would have house the blue flashing lights. At some point someone had covered this in filler and fibre glass and just painted by hand.

There was quite a bit of weight in this

 Needless to say you get rid of one problem and another one raises its head. Nicely cut holes in the roof for access to the lights.

Starting to lose that ambulance look, but those back doors have to go.

As if by magic, new back doors a few minor dents but nothing a bit of filler wont cure

Thought id offer one of my new windows up to see how well they fitted in to the original hole. Luckily it seems they will fit without too much hassle. But these wont be fitted untill its had its respray

The front of the van had the same treatment as the rear lump that was previously removed. Fibre glassed and painted badly. So plenty of filling and sanding and filling and sanding to be done here. I'll be doing well if it ends up 100% flat and smooth

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