Thursday, 10 March 2011

The story so far

Inside consited of a fridge and some old NHS green cupboards, orginally there was a bed on top of the cupboards but this was removed pretty quickly as the matress didn'y look to good!.

The false floor was raised about 3" and within this framework was a large pull out ramp which was used for stretchers. With all the excess metal weighed in I was £38 better off and the floor back to its orginal height. There was no rust to speak of which was a relieve as I had half expected rot had set in.

The metal frame work was held in by 4 bolts and loads of blobs of bond which was very stubbon to remove

Webasto AT32 desiel night heater in full working order.. I would have kept this in but the fan was very noisey, so leaving it on through the night would have kept you awake all night. Anyway it was deinstalled and sold on ebay.

The ambulance control box, this was for lights, heater,and extractor fans as well as all the fuses.

 Huge head ache as these wires can not just be cut and blanked off. Even if the black conectors are disconected the engine cuts out and wont fire up. So all this is knitted in some how to the main loom.. A job for later me thinks

12v electrics put in by one of the last owners, this will be getting removed when the new 12v electrics are fitted

240v main hook up and RCD


  1. Bloody hell Clensey mate you don't piss about haha, good work! :)

  2. Are you keeping the control box fascia? I'd love to have it if you change it, and the 'mind your head' and 'no smoking' signs too if you're not keeping them :)

  3. p.s the mattress was nothing to do with me =)