Sunday, 20 March 2011

Finishing interior strip down and starting to tackle the electrics

With one side of the GRP lining removed it was time to tackle the roof and other side. The GRP walls are about 3mm but the roof is about 10mm and has a honeycombe construction.  Behind the GRP on the drivers side was 3mm steel sheeting that was welded and rivited to metal batons. This all had to be removed so I could take out the old wool style insulation.

Got 2 of these fans which I think I will keep

The steel sheeting

Pretty much back to basics

Where does all this stuff come from, just when you think there is nothing left to remove!

Apart from the dodgy wheel trims this is all from the van. Not including 2 other tip loads and 2 scrap yard trips, I have had near on £50's worth of scrap out of it!

Stripping the wiring back to the contol panel

The tip of the iceberg

Electrics have now been sorted, as the loom can not be removed it has been made safe and ready to be tucked away.

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